7:30 p.m. Saturday, Stargazers Theatre and Event Center, 10 S. Parkside Drive, $30, 226-0450, rmwfilmfest.org/ tickets.

For those who can't wait until November for the next full version of the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, here's a compromise: a night of short films.

The festival includes six short films Saturday at Stargazers Theatre and Event Center. The films were found by Linda Broker, festival executive director, and viewed and approved by a selection committee.

The criteria for acceptance are different from the films selected for the November festival, which require that they must be either made by a woman or contain content that reflects the festival's mission of presenting the world as women experience it. The short films can be made by a man or woman but need to have won a significant award.

"We start with the obvious - films that win an Academy Award," Broker says. "We look at major festivals and the short films that win their jury awards. One was a winner at the Berlin Film Festival. Another won in Toronto, and we have two Oscar winners."

The films range in length from 12 minutes to 38 minutes, and include "The Lady in Number 6," which won an Oscar last month for best documentary short.

"It's about the oldest living Holocaust survivor," Broker says. "And despite the description, it's a really uplifting film."

Last year's night of shorts sold out, so Broker recommends buying tickets instead of showing up at the door.

"It's a very fun, festive evening. Most of the shorts are entertaining, and one will be quite provocative," she says. "That's the beauty of a film festival - you don't necessarily know what you're going to get."

Jennifer Mulson, THE Gazette, 636-0270, jen.mulson@gazette.com

Edith Makes a Paperchain - 7:30-9:30 p.m. Saturday, High Plains Unitarian Universalist Church, 1825 Dominion Way, $15; 260-1367, hpcuu.org.