Here's a guide to saluting in the military:

• Soldiers raise their knife-edged right hand to their forehead as a greeting between warriors. With exceptions, it’s done outdoors and isn’t required indoors.

In general, officers salute those with higher ranks. Enlisted soldiers salute all officers, but not each other.

Everyone salutes recipients of the Medal of Honor when they are wearing the nation’s highest award for gallantry.

• Soldiers salute to render honor to the nation during the national anthem and the pledge of allegiance.

• Troops salute during reveille and retreat formations that bookend the military’s day.

REVILLE: That’s the military’s wake up call. With a bugle call that has been ascribed the words “You gotta get up”, soldiers stand at attention and salute the American flag as it is raised.

Hear the reville bugle call.

RETREAT: This is the end of the military’s day. Troops must stand at attention and salute the American flag for the duration of the 29-second bugle call.

Hear the retreat bugle call.