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US weighs clemency for inmates jailed for 10 years

News: U.S. & World Updated: 8 hr ago

The Obama administration is encouraging many nonviolent federal prisoners to apply for early...

Auto break-ins at Palmer Park on the rise

News: Crime & Justice Updated: 0 min ago

Lorraine Elger loved walking her dogs at Palmer Park in northeast Colorado Springs until her car got broken into and her purse was stolen - in the middle of the day. ...

Klee: Broncos schedule prediction: 13-3 (for now)

Sports: Broncos Updated: 7 hr ago

Last year, I missed the Broncos' final record by one. When the NFL released its schedule, I had the Broncos going 14-2. They finished 13-3. ...

Hickenlooper has comfortable lead over challengers

News: Local News Updated: 8 hr ago

A new poll suggests that Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper has a comfortable lead over his potential Republican challengers ...

Supreme Court tosses $3.4 million award to child porn victim

Updated: 17 hr ago

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday said a federal law limits how much money victims of child pornography can recover from people who viewed their images online, throwing out a nearly $3.4 million judgment in favor of a woman whose childhood rape has been widely seen on the Internet....

13-year-old rapper touts environmental message at Pikes Peak Community College

News: Local News Updated: 11 hr ago

Think recycling one plastic bottle or turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth doesn't matter? Think again, challenges 13-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

New Manitou Springs spa gets blessing with sacred pipe ceremony

News: Local News Updated: 11 hr ago

One by one, about two dozen people on Wednesday morning passed five colorful sacred pipes around a small room on the third floor ...

Former Colorado Springs grocery store getting a new tenant; company expanding workforce thanks to move

Business Updated: 13 hr ago

Camerons Products, a Colorado Springs designer and wholesaler of cookware, grills, smokers and other ...

SudSisters: Colorado Springs tavern transformed into a craft brew destination

Life: Food Updated: 15 hr ago

The former Dutch Mill Tavern was the second Colorado Springs bar I visited when I flew in from upstate New York for a job interview with The Gazette in October 2012.

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