U.S. Air Force Academy cadets one-upped Marines - rather, the cadets more than 700-upped them Friday on the Academy's athletic field.

More than 900 basic cadets lined up head to beat the previous record of chain push-ups set by 138 Marines and sailors at Camp Lejeune in September 2013.

To establish the record, only the feet of the first cadet in the chain may touch the ground. All others must rest on the shoulders of the cadet behind them. The whole chain must then complete three repetitions of push-ups simultaneously.

It took more than one hour to line up 918 cadets, but only 5 seconds to complete the three chain push-ups required for the record.

The record still must be verified by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records, which could take several months. But there is little doubt in cadet commander Nate Peeler's mind that his fellow cadets beat the record.

"There is no disputing," the senior from York, Penn., said. "We definitely had more than 138."

Peeler first thought of the idea for the record attempt when his Colorado Springs sponsor dad sent him a story about the previous record.

"It's a bit of inter-service rivalry," Peeler said, "but with 918 cadets, this record is going to stand for a long time."

More than 15 cadets and academy photographers documented the attempt as well as one digitally equipped drone. The Academy will collect photos and video and send to Guinness officials for verification. Guiness will notify the academy once it is verified.