A 78-year-old man was sentenced to 8 years to life in prison Tuesday for sexually assaulting his granddaughter, according to the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

Emmett Andrew Larsen,a retired Federal Aviation Administration worker, was accused of repeatedly groping his two adolescent granddaughters after they and their mother, Larsen's daughter, moved into his home in 2012.

He was found guilty in August of repeatedly abusing one of the girls, who told jurors that he fondled her breasts. He was acquitted of molestation charges related to the other granddaughter, who told the jury she had no memory of making previous statements about being touched.

During the five-day trial, the girls' mother disputed her daughters were abused, though she testified to being raped by Larsen as a child for more than a decade.

She also testified that an ex-boyfriend had molested the girls when they lived in California, and that they had moved in with Larsen after she lost her job there.

During testimony, she said she considered the move to be a "new start" for the family.