A father, a son, and two other men have been convicted for their roles in what Colorado Spring police described as one of the largest organized crime rings in the state, Colorado Springs police announced this week.

Clayton Schaner, his son Clinton Schaner, and three men were arrested in March after a 4-month investigation into the Just Computers store at 2506 E. Platte Ave.

According to police, the store was the center of an organized theft ring involving more than 200 "boosters" and millions of dollars in stolen merchandise.

Police told The Gazette last year that the theft ring had generated $1.3 million in eBay sales over four years.

According to authorities, after two trials that each lasted about seven weeks, the Schaners along with Caleb Butler and Tommie Bradley, who were all described by police as the organization's ringleaders, were convicted on a slew of charges, including money laundering, theft by receiving, computer crime and violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. A fifth man, James Driscoll, was acquitted.

Sentencing hearings for the men are scheduled in upcoming months.