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2013 DINING GUIDE: Asian

June 21, 2013

★ Best of the Springs winner
▲ Mountain/View
☀ Patio

Entrees priced:
$................ $12 or less
$$.............. $13-$19
$$$............ $20-$29
$$$$.......... $30 and up

2000 WOK - 115 E. Fillmore St., 633-6900   $  
At $1.98 per item, you can create any combo you want.

AI SUSHI & GRILL - 4655 Centennial Blvd., 266-5858,; 3215 Cinema Point, 622-8866;   $$, $$$ respectively   
Two locations, different owners, each with a maximum of chic. Fresh sushi and Teppanyaki dining with flair.

ARHARN THAI RESTAURANT - 3739 Bloomington St., 596-6559,   $ 
Fabulous, fresh flavors, lush setting and reasonable prices. Interesting menu items abound, such as Pad Prig Prow, which is made of stir-fried broccoli, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, baby corn and onions with Thai-style house sauce.

BAMBOO COURT RESTAURANT - 4935 Centennial Blvd., 599-7383   $ 
Reliable, inexpensive Chinese-American food since 1989.

BARA SUSHI & GRILL - 1645 Briargate Parkway, No. 245, 599-7330,   $$ 
Creative, seasonal Japanese dishes - exquisitely fresh sushi and Chilean sea bass, short ribs and scrumptious noodle dishes.

BHAN THAI - 1025 N. Academy Blvd., 574-3401,; 4431 Centennial Blvd., 266-1309,   $ 
Two locations, two owners. Fast Thai food with a good choice of red and green curries. 

CHINA CAFE - 2761 Briargate Blvd., 260-1111,   $ 
Basic Chinese food, but now you can order online for pickup or delivery. 

CHINA DOLL RESTAURANT - 3629 Star Ranch Road, 579-8822   $ 
The Doll offers a buffet at lunch with Chinese-American standards and large portions.

CHINA INN II - 5929 Delmonico Drive, 531-7357   $ 
Standard Chinese with a small buffet at lunch.

CHINA MENU - 5535 Powers Center Point, 282-0669,   $ 
A local Szechuan/Mandarin place with nice options (such as brown rice) on the menu.

CHINA RECIPE - 7645 McLaughlin Road, Falcon, 495-8891,   $ 
Traditional Chinese-American food in Falcon, plus a few Thai dishes to spice things up. 

CHINA TOWN RESTAURANT - 326 S. Nevada Ave., 632-5151,   $ 
Traditional Chinese. Known for good service, fresh vegetables and large portions. 

COAL MINE DRAGON - 1779 S. 8th St., 471-7007,; 1720 W. Uintah St., 578-5430   $ 
The two locations are independently owned. Unassuming spots for delicious Chinese favorites. Try the hot and sour soup.

DRAGON KING CHINESE RESTAURANT, 6867 Mesa Ridge Parkway, Fountain, 382-3023   $ 
This small restaurant is making a big name for warm service and good food.

FUJIYAMA - 22 S. Tejon St., 630-1167,   $$ 
The happy hours, especially the half-price sushi, make this downtown spot the place to be after work. 

GREAT CHINA BUFFET - 628 S. Academy Blvd., 572-8009   $ 
Standard Chinese buffet with lots of items. Buffet price includes drink. 

A large buffet with sushi, Mongolian barbecue and Chinese standards.

HALLA SAN KOREAN BARBECUE - 1231 N. Academy Blvd., 622-9595,   $$ 
Traditional Korean food with lots of spicy heat. 

HOUSE OF SAIGON - 1014 S. 21st St., Suite A, 473-6707   $ 
Small place with Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. Very good pho.

HOUSE OF YAKITORI 2 - 1612 N. Academy Blvd., Suite A, 596-7511,   $ 
Fast and fresh chicken, beef or shrimp in a straightforward style.

HOUSE OF YAKITORI NO. 5 THAI KITCHEN BY NAYA - 6626 Delmonico Drive, 265-9168   $ 
The yakitori dishes you would expect, with some spicy Thai soups and other dishes.

HUHOT MONGOLIAN GRILL - 7790 N. Academy Blvd., 598-4044, 5843 Constitution Ave., 574-6647,   $$ 
The playful menu instructs you on how to prepare your dish, or "How to pillage like the mongols." The success of your dish is in your hands. 

HUNAN SPRINGS - 24 E. Kiowa St., 634-0800,   $ 
A friendly, family-run downtown spot with enormous portions.

JACKSON CREEK CHINESE - 1054 W. Baptist Road, Monument, 487-8081   $ 
Great prices on Chinese standards, especially at lunchtime.

JADE DYNASTY - 106 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 685-9576,   $ 
A new name for the old China China, promising Mandarin and Szechuan items.

JADE GARDEN - 3105 S. Academy Blvd., 390-1888   $ 
Fairly standard take-out and delivery Chinese place. 

JASMINE CAFE - 6064 Stetson Hills Blvd., 591-8989,   $
Mostly Chinese (great War Wonton Soup) and some Thai (great pad Thai).

JUN JAPANESE RESTAURANT - 1760 Dublin Blvd., 531-9368; 3276 Centennial Blvd., 227-8690   $$ 
Dublin location now offers shabu shabu and authentic ramen, in addition to sushi. 

KOHNAMI SUSHI - 7673 N. Union Blvd., 599-8689,   $$ 
A combination of Korean and Japanese, offering something for everyone. 

KURA JAPANESE RESTAURANT - 3479 Research Parkway, 282-8238,   $$ 
A creative and enthusiastic Japanese restaurant running the gamut from outstanding sushi to grilled items, seafood and Teppanyaki dining. 

LANNA THAI - 8810 N. Union Blvd., 282-0474   $$ 
Brightly seasoned Thai cuisine with several vegetarian options. 

LANSHING CAFE - 9475 Briar Village Point, No. 150, 266-8351   $
Classic, family-friendly Chinese restaurant.

LEMONGRASS BISTRO - 6840 N. Academy Blvd., 592-1391   $$ 
Classic Vietnamese cuisine with an accent on fresh vegetables and bright herbs. 

LUCKY DRAGON CHINESE RESTAURANT - 402 W. Fillmore St., 635-0112   $ 
A dependable Colorado Springs staple for the past 20 years.

MAYFLOWER CHINESE RESTAURANT - 1212 E. U.S. 24, Woodland Park, 687-0711   $ 
The place for Chinese-American standards in Woodland Park.

MOBO SUSHI - 5975 N. Academy Blvd., Suite 209, 593-8249,   $$ 
Get all-you-can-eat appetizers and sushi for $13.99 at lunch and $19.99 at dinner. 

MOON STAR 2 CHINESE RESTAURANT - 5873 Palmer Park Blvd., 380-9333   $ 
Fans love the fried rice and the steamed dumplings. 

NARAI THAI RESTAURANT - 805 Village Center Drive, 531-5175,   $ 
Excellent Thai food. And you can request and actually get "Thai hot" level of spicy.

NEW CHINA KITCHEN II - 4795 Barnes Road, Suite H, 638-8800,   $ 
All you'd expect from a Chinese restaurant, plus Pad Thai and a couple of Thai curries. 

NEW PANDA, NEW PANDA 2 AND NEW PANDA 3 - 445A E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., 576-9211, 1213 N. Circle Drive, 574-8336, 12225 Voyager Parkway, 481-0855,   $ 
Independently owned, the three menus wander through China, Thailand and Malaysia, with a stop in Japan for sushi. 

MB'S PICK: OVERSEAS 101 - 5166 N. Academy Blvd., 534-9588   $ 
What makes this place such a find? Fast and friendly service coupled with really good food at reasonable prices. The lunch specials start at $5.95, and each entr? comes with an egg roll, a cream cheese wonton and soup of your choice. Terrifically fresh food is consistently prepared with tasty sauces that complement, not overwhelm. Dishes not to miss: The sesame tofu ($7.25), the fried squid ($5.95) and the Triple Curry Sauce ($6.50).

P.F. CHANG'S - 1725 Briargate Parkway, 593-8580,   $$  
Fans rave about the Lettuce Cups and the Singapore Street Noodles. There are reasons why some chains succeed, and fresh ingredients plus excellent service propel Chang's to the top.

PEI WEI ASIAN DINER - 7148 N. Academy Blvd., 260-9922,   $ 
Smaller, younger sibling of P.F. Chang's. Fast service, less upscale, more affordable. 

PHO VIET - 3712 Galley Road, 597-6559   $ 
Three sizes of pho, from large to bathtub-sized. It's housed in an old Pizza Hut, but don't be deterred by the outer appearance.

PHO-N-THAI - 125 N. Spruce St. - 329-0705,   $ 
Pho, Thai and Japanese, plus schnitzel, burgers and wings.

RONG CHENG CHINESE RESTAURANT - 6938 N. Academy Blvd., 594-4849   $ 
Well-priced, delicious food. Fans like the sesame chicken and the Michael Jackson music that always seems to be playing.

SAIGON CAFE - 20 E. Colorado Ave., 633-2888,   $$ 
There's always a full house here because the food is consistently delicious. Noodle bowls, topped with grilled pork, beef, shrimp or chicken, are a lunchtime favorite. 

SAIGON GRILL - 337 N. Circle Drive, 635-0720   $ 
Recently moved from the west side, bringing the tasty menu to a new neighborhood.

SAIGON SPRINGS - 3408 N. Academy Blvd., 597-1175   $ 
Fantastic hot and sour soup, spring rolls, curried squid, bun bowls, pho and more. An extensive menu, friendly to vegetarians.

SAN CHANG HOUSE - 3659 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Suite 45, 598-1707   $ 
Generous with banchan (Korean sides), plus friendly service and traditional Korean.

SEOUL TOFU GRILL - 296 S. Academy Blvd., 550-2000,   $ 
Based on California Koreatown recipes, Seoul offers a wide range of classic and reimagined Korean favorites. We like the bento boxes ($7.50) at lunch - served with a choice of meat plus rice, salad, soup, vegetable tempura, kimchi and two other side dishes. 

SHANGHAI 2 CHINESE RESTAURANT - 821 Cheyenne Meadows Road, 540-8288   $ 
Typical Chinese-American menu.

SHANGHAI CAFE - 1107 S. Nevada Ave., Suite 103, 634-4270   $ 
An unassuming exterior, but fans rave about sesame chicken and hot and sour soup. 

SHANGRILA RESTAURANT - 8850 N. Union Blvd., 495-1738   $ 
Reliable, affordable and delicious, with a warm staff that will make you feel at home. 

SHIN SA DONG KOREAN CUISINE - 3845 E. Pikes Peak Ave., 638-2695   $$ 
Authentic Korean tucked away in a strip mall. Bibimbap and tofu stew are excellent choices. 

SILVER POND CHINESE GOURMET - 5670 N. Academy Blvd., 594-9343,   $$ 
A longtime favorite with Gazette readers. If you want something different check out the Vegetarian Duck or Thai Green Curry from the fusion menu. 

SPICY BASIL - 562 W. Colorado 105, Monument, 488-9898   $ 
New spot for Asian fusion cuisine in Monument.

SUSHI AI - 6552 S. Academy Blvd., 576-8855   $ 
Neighborhood sushi bar, beloved by the regulars.

SUSHI RAKKYO - 9205 N. Union Blvd., 645-8754,   $$ 
An upscale new sushi joint, with an all-you-can eat special for $14.95 at lunch and $24.95 at dinner. 

SUSHI RING - 1861 S. Nevada Ave., 635-5550,   $$ 
Inventive and playful sushi menu, with all-you-can-eat specials for lunch and dinner. If that's too much food, stick with the Barry Manilow roll ($12.95) with tempura vegetable, crab, tuna, shrimp and avocado. 

TAKO JAPANESE RESTAURANT - 1840 Dominion Way, 548-9257, takojapanese   $$ 
A nice selection of Japanese favorites and a variety of sushi. Servers will make beginner chopsticks for the kids. 

TAO'S ORIENTAL CUISINE - 13888 Gleneagle Drive, 481-3418,   $ 
A good take on Chinese favorites, with Thai and Korean thrown in to spice things up. 

TASTE OF CHINA - 1811 S. Academy Blvd., 596-8586   $ 
Big and bountiful. If you leave hungry, you weren't really trying.

TASTE OF KOREA - 1825 Peterson Road, 574-2060   $$ 
All the warm, earthy favorites you'd expect from Korean food. 

TASTE OF THAI SPICE - 1609 Lashelle Way, 226-1999   $ 
Fans use words such as "amazing" and "authentic" to describe the food here.

THAI BASIL - 7882 N. Academy Blvd., 268-1688,   $ 
An import from Denver, dishing up traditional Thai cuisine for the American palate. 

THAI LILY CUISINE & YAKITORI 8 - 319 N. Chelton Road, 597-8374,   $ 
Two delicious menus in one location, with plenty to offer for vegetarians.

THAI MINT - 1725 Briargate Blvd., 598-7843,   $ 
Try the Jungle Curry, if you dare.

THAI SATAY - 821 Cheyenne Meadows Road, 540-8288   $ 
A solid choice for Thai cuisine, plus a few Vietnamese bun bowls.

TOMO SUSHI - 975 N. Academy Blvd., 597-2422,   $$ 
Outstanding service, fast lunches and beautiful dinners. 

TONG TONG KOREAN RESTAURANT - 2036 S. Academy Blvd., 591-8585   $$ 
Homey and unpretentious with a very friendly and helpful staff. The food is very good, but without the strong spicy notes one would expect in Korean dishes. 

ULTIMATE BUFFET - 3727 Bloomington St., 591-0768,   $$ 
A never-ending buffet with options ranging from sushi to pizza. 

VIETNAMESE GARDEN - 7607 N. Union Blvd., 520-9299,   $ 
Traditional Vietnamese favorites, plus clay pot dishes, hot pot dishes and roll-your-own spring rolls for those who like to play with their food in a socially acceptable way.

WILD GINGER THAI RESTAURANT - 27 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, 634-5025   $ 
Besides a variety of delicious Thai food, the lowly eggplant is so delicious it should be illegal.

XIANG'S KITCHEN - 5935 Constitution Ave., 573-8899,   $ 
An excellent value for fresh, fast Chinese and Thai-inspired dishes.

YOO MAE JAPANESE CUISINE - 21 E. Kiowa St., 473-8105,   $$ 
The hidden gem of downtown Colorado Springs. It offer 50 rolls named after the 50 states. The Colorado is filled with shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy tuna and avocado, topped with red tobiko (flying fish eggs) and drizzled in eel sauce. $

ZEN FUSION SUSHI & BISTRO - 4359 Integrity Center Point, 375-3288,   $$ 
A fairly new sushi restaurant that isn't afraid to push the boundaries. 

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