The state volleyball tournament runs Friday-Saturday at the Denver Coliseum. Below are the 1A pool pairings. One team advances out of each pool. No. 1 Grandview received the top seed.

Pool I: No. 1 Dove Creek, No. 8 Vail Christian, No. 12 Kit Carson

Pool II: No. 2 Caliche, No. 7 Hi-Plains, No. 11 Idalia

Pool III: No. 3 Otis, No. 6 Flagler, No. 10 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

Pool IV: No. 4 Fleming, No. 5 Eads, No. 9 Stratton

Friday's shedule

Play begins at 8 a.m. each day. Matches begin 8 minutes following the completion of the match prior.

Matches in order: Vail Chr. vs. Kit Carson, Eads vs. Stratton, Dove Creek vs. Kit Carson, Fleming vs. Stratton, Caliche vs. Idalia, Otis vs. Rocky Mountain Lutheran, Hi-Plains vs. Idalia, Flagler vs. Rocky Mountain Lutheran

Saturday's schedule

Matches in order: Fleming vs. Eads, Dove Creek vs. Vail Chr., Otis vs. Flagler, Caliche vs. Hi-Plains


Championship bracket

Pool I winner faces Pool IV winner; Pool II winner faces Pool III winner.